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With the largest on-demand vehicle maintenance network in the country, you can explore our wide coverage of vehicle information such as VIN details, insurance claims, vehicle maintenance routine, reminders and the likes. Download the app for Android for free. IOS devices (Coming soon)

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Autorescue Smart Wallet

Smart Wallet

Fund your Wallet and Pay for your mechanic, towing, Insurance and other Automotive services and get up to 2% cashback.

It comes with our Free Service reminders and Expense Tracking solution

Autorescue Vehicle History

1 Vehicle History

Either you are car dealer or you are just looking to get a vehicle across, our VIN check system give you in details all information about your vehicle, including images, current condition, diagnosis history, vehicle properties (make, model, color, year) e.t.c

Autorescue Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

You don't have to worry about the sudden and unplanned need for money when your vehicle breaks down. You can pay for your regular/periodic servicing with our Daily, Weekly or Monthly plans depending on your needs. Sign-up today and leave us to do the rest.

Autorescue Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

We conduct a thorough on-site (give us the location), independent Inspection service for pre-purchase and Insurance claims. Our trained technicians are equipped to diagnose and provide an objective valuation or condition report of any vehicle manufactured from 1998 till date.

Autorescue Nearby Mechanics

Nearby Mechanics

Request for Autorescue mobile mechanics or search and contact mechanics around you. We also offer Free Autorescue Mechanic Phone support and advisory for all our users. Our experienced mechanics will be on hand to help you interpret fault codes or suggest solutions to existing problems with your vehicles.

Autorescue Quick Insurance Claims

1 Car Insurance Claims Fast-track Solutions

With just a few Snaps, combined with prefilled data and our processed data of claim requests. We ensure the fastest turnaround for Auto Insurance claims filing and settlements in partnership with leading Insurance underwriters.

Join Thousands of Happy Customers

Tayo I

Instant mechanic

I will never forget Autorescue, the night my vehicle broke down at Third mainland bridge in the night and having an app that locate the nearest mechanic for me is just WOW.

Ayokunle J

VIN checks

Before Autorescue, shipping a vehicle to NIgeria was very difficult because you don't have 100% awareness of the status of the vehicle. I had to rely on recommendations from just any source. But now, all I have to do is enter the VIN of the vehicle and I see detailed report about the vehicle even with images.

Tunde J

Insurance Claims

Well, I am short of words. You hit my car, I fill few crispy fancy fields on the app, I am settled. All thanks to Autorescue

Esther A


I think Autorescue took away all these crappy days of thinking about my Honda Civic maintenance, I am glad the day I signed up for a weekly maintenance program. You guys are a lifesaver. AWESOME!!!

Emeka C


It was so strange to me that many automobile companies didnt consider this option for a very long time. Letting your customers choose where their vehicles will be fixed give some of us a little rest of mind. Thank you Autorescue for the Autoplus feature

Daniel N

Perfect features

I think the app sells itself and even if you are not going to use all the features. Please, please and please. Add your vehicles and get reminder notifications and choose to fix your vehicles anywhere using Autoplus. Come and thank me later.